Unspoken love

General information about the track "Unspoken love"

English Unspoken love
Duration: 04:08 (* measured on digitised sound file)

Vocal: Terri Nunn
Composition: Pino Donaggio; Paolo Steffan
Orchestra: Orchestra Sinfonica di Sofia
Production: Greg Walsh; Roberto Dane´

Soundtracks containing the track "Unspoken love"

Botte di Natale Botte di Natale
Austria Austria, 1995
Format: Soundtrack CD
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Label No.: EPC 478431 2
1. I'm coming home 16. Snakebite
2. Unspoken love 17. The waiting
3. The fight before christmas 18. A reunited family
4. Moses gets back home 19. Blackmail hill
5. The beginning of a journey 20. Moses in the desert
6. The night of peace 21. Marshall fox
7. Christmas flight 22. The return of ringo
8. Stone 23. The awakening
9. The family 24. Travis
10. The prairie 25. The choice
11. Bank robbery 26. Attempt to escape
12. Sunset 27. Moses' plan
13. Crossroad fight 28. The final journey
14. Tea and cookies 29. Mother's farm
15. Travis and Bridget