Mr. Nothinggoesright

General information about the track "Mr. Nothinggoesright"

English Mr. Nothinggoesright
Duration: 03:52 (* measured on digitised sound file)

Vocal: Donald; Albert Douglas Meakin
Composition: G+M de Angelis; Cesare De Natale
Production: G+M de Angelis

Soundtracks containing the track "Mr. Nothinggoesright"

Mr. Nothingoesright Mr. Nothingoesright
Germany Germany, 1980
Format: Soundtrack Single
Label: Polydor
Label No.: 2040289
1. Mr. Nothinggoesright 2. Blue Space

Compilations containing the track "Mr. Nothinggoesright"

Greatest Hits IV Greatest Hits IV
Italy Italy, 2003
Format: Compilation CD
Label: ViviMusica
Label No.: VCDS 7033
1. In the middle of all that Trouble again 6. Sphinx
2. Flying to Miami 7. Brotherly Love
3. Spies and guys 8. Mr. Nothinggoesright
4. Banana Joe 9. Fantasy
5. Un genio, due compari, un pollo - Titoli di testa (remake)
Best of Bud Spencer - Terence Hill 1 Best of Bud Spencer - Terence Hill 1
Germany Germany, 1992
Format: Compilation CD
Label: Edel Company
Label No.: SIL 5106-2
1. Brotherly love 8. Six Ways
2. Dreaming Woman 9. Bulldozer
3. Fantasy 10. Banana Joe
4. L'Ultimo Valzer 11. What'll I do
5. Mr. Nothinggoesright 12. Mundialito
6. Miss Robot 13. Thema Bomber
7. Sheriff 14. Cock a doodle doo