Christmas fight

General information about the track "Christmas fight"

English Christmas fight
Duration: 03:27 (* measured on digitised sound file)

Composition: Pino Donaggio; Paolo Steffan

Compilations containing the track "Christmas fight"

Greatest Hits V Greatest Hits V
Italy Italy, 2003
Format: Compilation CD
Label: ViviMusica
Label No.: VCDS 7034
1. Extralarge 7. Christmas fight
2. What's goin' on (in Brazil) 8. Superfantagenio - The genie
3. Flying carousel 9. Superfantagenio - Cinque elicotteri
4. The mysterious man 10. Superfantagenio - Superfantagenio (titoli)
5. Piedone a Hong Kong - Piedone a Hong Kong 11. Un piede in paradiso - An angel around me
6. Cosa vale un uomo